About Morning Walk

Who is Morning Walk?

Morning Walk is a community of young traditional Christians from all three branches – Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. The group makes it possible for devout believers to acquire true and close friends who are interested in theological discussions and a strong relationship with Christ. We make an effort to go in depth intellectually, encouraging vigorous debate about controversial and sensitive issues. Morning Walk also holds to the Biblical concept of mutual blessing between people of different nations. As such, we encourage the strengthening of our respective national identities and blessing one another through difference. Despite the differences in theological beliefs within the group, we unite in our effort to promote the Gospel and to collectively follow, honor, and love Jesus Christ.

Our Story

Morning Walk began with walks… in the morning, between Daniel and Zach (along with the occasional appearance of their mutual friend Andre) where the two would discuss their theological differences and get to know one another better. This high school friendship became a group on Skype called the “Morning Walk Group,” where many of the most passionate Christians of the Online High School would gather to talk to one another. Most of the people in the group continued to grow close after high school and develop crazy ideas with one another, including this website.

The Team

2018 March for Life, Daniel Sutkowski

Daniel Sutkowski – Executive Director

Holding degrees in Theology and Political Science from Loyola University Chicago, Daniel is the Executive Director of the Morning Walk Website (SAC of Morning Walk). As Executive Director, Daniel is tasked with maintaining a regular blogging schedule, marketing the website to the general public, and containing the excesses of an over-scrupulous Chief Editor. He also helps coordinate between Morning Walk branches, organizing Morning Walk’s organization-wide events.


Zach S – Chief Editor

Zach is the Chief Editor of the Morning Walk Website. He built and continues to maintain the Website. As Chief Editor, he will attack every word you write. Nothing is safe from this grammar police who will take your words–all of them–and expose them to the greatest torture. Your clauses, phrases, and participles are not safe from him. (Chief Editor’s note: The disgruntled Executive Director wrote the polemical portion of this bio.)


Vlad Smetanko – Main Moderator

Vlad Smetanko is a patriotic American who is an Orthodox Christian from Infancy.