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Reading through the bible in a year can give us an aerial view of the overall narrative of God’s interaction and redemption with his people through history. If you are looking for a reading plan, here is a curation of some resources!

No matter which plan you choose, if you’d like to do it with a few others,  come join us !

1. Customize your own with a plan generator. If you want to have two types of readings, you’ll need to do each separately and then combine the files after downloading them.

2. Read through the bible chronologically, letting you keep track of the narrative!

3. You Version’s bible in a year plan will give you the audio for one OT reading and one NT reading each day, but you end up reading through the NT twice.

4. A 3 month plan. Requires 30 minutes of reading per day, takes you straight through in 88 days.

5. This two-track plan has one OT reading and one NT or Psalms reading (with Ezekiel thrown in to balance the timeline).

6. Want to try something similar but without keeping track of a fixed schedule? Read three chapters from the OT and two chapters from the NT every day, which will put you on track to finish both in a year. I like the idea of having two different readings, while also not having to keep track of things.  I’m modifying it a little by reading 2 chapters from list one and 2 chapters from list two every day. List one has readings from the Old Testament (OT), and list two includes readings from the Psalms, Wisdom Literature or New Testament (NT) each day. A copy is posted here.

6. Want even more options? Try Ligonier’s list.

Happy New Year, everyone! God bless you and give you his peace!

Feel free to join us in reading this year if you want a group to do it with!



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