Screens and the Ego

Check out this book from a MW Author Jane-Marie Auret! I am a victim of my own lies, and the doctors didn’t stop me. I’m not the only one. I’ve seen my peers face suicide, overdose, transition, and live their social lives on screens. Gen Z suffers disintegration of the nuclear family, hypersexualization, and emasculation. We are lost. We float in the internet. Screens and the Ego intersperses true stories and fiction to meditate on our confusion. While we use the language of mental health to describe our personalities and our sadness, my Arab grandma still uses the language of … Continue reading “Screens and the Ego”

Word and Bread and Flesh and Blood

Introduction The Bread of Life Discourse is one of Jesus’ most famous sermons. In John 6, Jesus teaches that He is the bread who comes down from heaven (John 6:33); that He will give us His flesh to eat (John 6:51); and that, unless we “eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood,” we have no life in us (John 6:53). Despite its notorious obscurity, and despite countless quarrels over its proper interpretation, the categories for understanding Christ’s words are plainly supplied by His invocation of Isaiah 54:13: that “they will all be taught of God” … Continue reading “Word and Bread and Flesh and Blood”

Roe v. Wade Overturned

Hello, our dear readers, As you are aware, the court decision enshrining abortion as a right on a federal level, Roe v. Wade, was overturned on June 24 last week. As you might guess, we at Morning Walk are ecstatic. We have organized five trips to Marches for Life in Washington D.C., Chicago, and San Francisco. We have written articles defending life.  And we took on the heavy task of pondering the reality of abortion in America, opting to raise this issue with friends and acquaintances from all walks of life. Looking back, every chance we had to give the … Continue reading “Roe v. Wade Overturned”

Morning Walk Update (6/10/2022)

Hello, our dear readers! We hope you are all doing well in living out the Gospel in your daily life. Things at Morning Walk have been getting busier as our various members grow older and pivotal life events approach! This summer, between weddings and other programs, we are cutting back our post frequency from weekly to biweekly. We will still host our Morning Walk Fellowship (for the third summer in a row!) and a large Morning Walk summertime meet-up. We also look towards another trip to the March for Life in 2023—hopefully one celebrating a decision against Roe v. Wade! … Continue reading “Morning Walk Update (6/10/2022)”

“What is This Babbler Trying to Say?”

Introduction Let me give you some dry theory—of the “analytic philosophy of language” variety—and then do something with it. I will be brief with the theory. If you find the philosophy tiresome, feel free to skip the next section; the doing that I do, I think, will be able to make do without it. To keep the reader on the hook: the “doing” in question is an explanation of why many college ministries, even those run by godly and well-intentioned Christians, are inherently self-undermining. Theory In his seminal work How to Do Things With Words, J. L. Austin divides a … Continue reading ““What is This Babbler Trying to Say?””

Thanksgiving from Morning Walk

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We at Morning Walk are grateful to you, our readers, for being such a motivation behind our articles. When there are moments of doubt where we wonder whether we should keep writing, it is always the consistent and steady readership that pushes us to continue. We continue to write because we see the interaction between all members and associates of Morning Walk that comes from it. Writing also helps us think through our own beliefs more clearly; as always, if you disagree with anything here, feel free to share. We are committed to … Continue reading “Thanksgiving from Morning Walk”

True Love: How Utilitarianism is Severely Flawed

Konrad on Ski Trip

Father Karol Wojtyła, the future Saint Pope John Paul II, was born on May 18, 1920, and rose from the ashes of Nazi and Communist Poland to become a champion of human rights and dignity. His works are filled with themes of human liberty, dignity, and the character of the human person, all of which are connected to his own experience and that of his fellow Poles living in Nazi-occupied Poland. Fr. Wojtyła blended his pastoral responsibilities with his profession as a philosophy professor at the Catholic University of Lublin. He created Love and Responsibility based on a series of … Continue reading “True Love: How Utilitarianism is Severely Flawed”