Bad Dichotomies


You have probably heard, on multiple occasions, the distinction between knowledge and wisdom. “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit,” they say, “But wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.” This distinction indeed exists, and perhaps even the tomato example is appropriate. But there is still something wrong, and the problem comes down to the takeaway. Most people, when presented with this example, interpret it as knowledge compared to intelligence. In reality, intelligence is no less different from wisdom than it is from knowledge. Intelligence usually refers to the ability to learn and use … Continue reading “Bad Dichotomies”

Words and the Meaning of Meaning

I cannot begin without a clear note that everything that I state here is my opinion. This piece is nowhere near a scholarly article, and nowhere near a presentation on a well-researched subject. I must also warn that in this post there may be a trace of right-wing bias, which comes naturally from the fact that I, by most standards, lean to the right. But my main thesis is completely apolitical, and it is further my estimate that I could rest my case equally well if I was left-leaning and writing with a left-wing bias. This post is an opinion … Continue reading “Words and the Meaning of Meaning”