A Review of 2020

This article was inspired by Joseph Gnehm’s piece on Romans. These past few months I have found myself both thinking and writing on the intellectual side of theology. While I am grateful for what I have learned, given this article’s place on Christmas, I want to take a page from Gnehm’s book and just appreciate Christ. I am truly grateful for 2020. I know this is not the apt thing to say for many people. In many ways 2020 has been an extremely difficult, challenging, and unforeseen year. Between a rise in political/racial tension, a pandemic, and an economic downturn … Continue reading “A Review of 2020”

Christianity in the Third Millennium: Conclusion

One could argue that 2020 Anno Domini was the worst peacetime year in half a millennium, and I might be inclined to believe them. Certainly not foremost, but most applicably, I had a few topics that I wanted to discuss. However, many of those were quickly overshadowed when real-world events prompted blog discussions (see “Imperative of Work” and “Fear of a Virus”). Yet more were tossed aside due to bouts of inspiration (“Christianity, the Non-Mystic” and “The Desert and the Well”). I could probably find enough prompts for another year of these, but I’d like to keep some of my … Continue reading “Christianity in the Third Millennium: Conclusion”