Morning Walk March for Life 2022

Dear Readers,

It has been three years since Morning Walk launched the Morning Walk website. We have had a lot of fun learning, sharing, and sharpening one another (Proverbs 27:17) to grow closer to God.

Thank you for following our website and for giving your attention to our thoughts along the way. Over the past three years, we have published over 150 articles, organized several Morning Walk meetings throughout the country, been to the March for Life in D.C., Chicago, and San Francisco, and hosted our first conference and convention. Last year, we were not able to arrange a trip to the March for Life in D.C. to COVID. This year, we are venturing forth once again. If you would like to join, please contact us at and we will reach out to arrange passage. If you are not able to join us in person, but wish to support  consider donating to help us get an Airbnb If you are not able to join us in person, but wish to support our cause, a contribution will be warmly appreciated. To support our events, we ask that you consider making any contributions you feel able to make. If you can give even $5, in one gift or monthly, you will be contributing to a wonderful purpose.

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Most importantly, we ask for your prayers, that God will end all motivation for the killing of the unborn and heal the hurt that has been done across the generations. And, in line with Morning Walk’s purpose, we ask for your prayers for God to continue His faithful work in establishing young Christian communities that find their strength in Him.

The Team at Morning Walk


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