More on Words and Ecumenism

This post is a response to Zach, who responded to my article about words. The discussion goes back further than these articles and rallies around whether the word “ecumenical” should be used as a descriptor for Morning Walk. Fundamental issues such as the use of words have become the crux of the debate, which led to the posts that we have written. It turned out that the first half of my article was of little use, because Zach has claimed to agree all along. I felt somewhat betrayed, because I recall very vividly when he claimed (in a chat setting) … Continue reading “More on Words and Ecumenism”

Response: Words and the Meaning of Meaning

This is a response to Vlad’s Words and the Meaning of Meaning. In this post, I mean to present neither hard nor fast rules for usage of words and language. Both carry the weight of complexities which