The Deception of My Sin

One of my biggest faults is pride. I constantly, implicitly and explicitly, think and act as if I am better than the vast majority of the world. I have a few favorite sins that I don’t struggle with and place them mentally as the greatest sins of all while ignoring my own sins I see to be minor. As I become more aware of my own faults I realize how desperately I need to be called out and corrected by those around me. Alone I can spiral in my thoughts into believing I am somehow above the day-to-day struggle with … Continue reading “The Deception of My Sin”

Theft – Don’t

Recently, I discussed the nuances of the Ninth Commandment. I believe that it is equally reasonable to talk about the absence of nuance in the Eighth Commandment. “You shall not steal.” It reads as clearly in Hebrew as it does in every language on the planet. There are no caveats, clarifications, or mitigations. This rule is clear and undeniable. Even so, I want to talk about the elements of the Bible that discuss the lax transfers of property, if only to sharpen the point of the Eighth Commandment. Neither the sons of Israel nor their ancestors were ever meant to … Continue reading “Theft – Don’t”

A Careful Critique of Calvinism

[1] Before I go into this article I want to comment on what a joy it has been to have this continuing series of articles with Camille. Much of what we discuss on the topic of salvation and predestination happens during long and fervent phone calls. Starting with an article discussing what it means to be a “good man,” we have traveled far in a discussion of God’s plan for man in salvation.  That said I want to outline what we agree on so that we can focus – like a laser – on the points of contention. Both Camille … Continue reading “A Careful Critique of Calvinism”