Welcome to Morning Walk! We are an online community of young traditional Christians from all three branches – Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Our goal is to go in depth intellectually, encouraging debate about controversial and sensitive issues. Despite differences in theological beliefs within the group, we unite in our effort to promote the Gospel and to follow, honor, and love Jesus Christ.

Our History

The name of this group draws its story from the summer of 2012 when Zach and I, who were high school students at the time, went on a morning walk . We went to an online high school, and the school hosted an annual meet up in August for its students. Zach would always recount to me that when he first met me he asked if I was Christian. When I said I was, he beamed and was overjoyed to see a fellow Christian in a predominantly secular environment. Yet, as Zach reminds me, when I followed my statement to say that I am a Catholic, his Protestant heart sank. Regardless of these differences, we became friends and would spend time together throughout the meet up.

As a morning person, I would wake up at 5:30 am to go on a walk before anyone else was awake. After a couple days of doing this, Zach elected to join me and we began to walk in the mornings together, talking about anything and everything to enter our mind. Thus our talks mainly entailed a discussion of purgatory and (double) predestination. At first we were polite, as we had just met, and inquired about one another’s beliefs without challenging them. A few days into our Morning Walks, and we were having hour long, heated discussions as to whether a non-Christian could be saved.

After this meet up, and getting to know the broader Online High School Christian community, we formed a Skype group. Time passed and we graduated, but we remained in touch. We began to organize trips to see each other, went to conferences together, and even planned a trip to the March for Life. All of us in the Morning Walk Skype Group would work on various small projects together and help one another in the struggles of college life. One of these projects was to start a website and try to share the experiences we all benefited from throughout high school up till now.

So we made a website that would have two functions. First, it would serve as a platform for all of us to publish our thoughts and share our work with the world. The second function, and perhaps the more important one, is to use the forum to foster for those around us the same sort of online community we were blessed with. In addition, we will use the website to plan events and encourage theological discussion between Christians of all branches. Together we hope to grow in Christ through fellowship with one another, holding that nothing is sacred except God.


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