“I am not broken”: Rethinking a Christian Presentation of the Gospel

She spoke a language I could not understand. Standing a few inches taller than me, with dark hair tied up in a tight ponytail and her arms crossed, this young, bright poli sci student looked me in the eye and said, “I feel so sorry for you.” I gaped. The smile that accompanied these words signalled pity, but not, I thought to myself angrily, compassion. We stood by a table in the library hall. My apologetics team had propped up a poster with the question of the day (“Is religion poison to the world?”), and my new friend, attracted by … Continue reading ““I am not broken”: Rethinking a Christian Presentation of the Gospel”

Welcome to Morning Walk

Welcome to Morning Walk! We are an online community of young traditional Christians from all three branches – Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Our goal is to go in depth intellectually, encouraging debate about controversial and sensitive issues. Despite differences in theological beliefs within the group, we unite in our effort to promote the Gospel and to follow, honor, and love Jesus Christ. Our History The name of this group draws its story from the summer of 2012 when Zach and I, who were high school students at the time, went on a morning walk . We went to an online … Continue reading “Welcome to Morning Walk”