All of me: the Irrationality of Love  

Walking among the dead with my Dzia Dzia (grandfather) was an oddly inspiring moment. We had just eaten breakfast, after which I took my grandfather to the cemetery to visit my Busia (grandmother). We’d made this trip before, on occasion, and knew it would be difficult, though rewarding for both my Dzia Dzia and me. A vibrant blue sky marked with bright clouds shone upon the green fields and my Busia’s grave as we walked up to her and said a silent prayer, my Dzia Dzia’s voice cracking as he admired the cross my uncle had built for Busia. We … Continue reading “All of me: the Irrationality of Love  “

The Importance of Reading the Biblical Histories

Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 546: Genealogical Chronicle (Adam to King Harold)

When looking at the Old Testament, Christians often like to focus on the stories of the Patriarchs and the Exodus, the epic miracles of the judges and prophets, or the poetry found in the Books of Wisdom. This usually leaves large parts of the Law and the Histories as the butt of jokes about the “boring but sacred” parts of the Bible.* The anecdotes of Joshua conquering Jericho, David slaying Goliath, and Elijah’s showdown on Mount Carmel are well known for their exciting miracles and morals. But today I want to focus on the “boring” parts of the Histories: those … Continue reading “The Importance of Reading the Biblical Histories”